Volunteer In Houston

For individuals and families

Sort, stack, and pack colorful undies for kids who need it most.

Calling all volunteers! Join us for a two-hour shift in the air-conditioned UFE warehouse. You’ll sort, pack and sticker endless pairs of undies that will end up in underwear drawers around the country.

Undies for Everyone World HQ

3610 Willowbend Blvd. #1000 Houston, Texas 77054

What You'll Do

Step 1

Choose 7 special pairs of undies for your recipient.

Dots, squiggles, characters and stripes…which will you pick?

Step 2

Fold & roll those undies into neat little parcels.

Step 3

Put 7 undies in a bag. Add a label & size sticker!

What about little volunteers?

What about little volunteers?

Kids ages 6 and up are welcome at the warehouse. Little volunteers in particular learn about meaningful ways we can give back to others, beginning with this basic but universal need for undies.

Parents, we ask that one adult supervises every two young packers.

woof woof!

The UFE office dogs frequently attend packing events. Please let us know if you have allergies so we can make appropriate accommodations.

For everyone’s safety, volunteers are not allowed to bring their own dogs to the warehouse.

How to Get Started

Check out the schedule of available opportunities.

Click here to see the current schedule.

Click “Sign Up” next to the event you’d like to attend

Get ready to roll!

We’ll send you a reminder email before the event.


Whether you are an individual or part of a group, you will attend one of our Thursday or Saturday volunteer packing events from 10AM – 12PM. See the current schedule here.

The only difference is in the sign-up process. For individual volunteering, you’ll have to reserve a spot for each member individually. For group volunteering, reach out and we’ll reserve a block of spots for you. 

Right now, we are only able to accommodate different dates and times for large organizations and corporate groups. Learn more about group volunteering.

Yes! Little volunteers 6 and up are welcome at our undie packing events. Parents, we ask that one adult supervises every two young packers.

Volunteers are not allowed to bring their own dogs to the UFE warehouse. However, when you visit, there is a good chance you’ll be greeted by our office dogs — meet them here!

These volunteer events happen at UFE World Headquarters, located at 3610 Willowbend Blvd. #1000 Houston, Texas 77054.

Not in Houston? You can host your own packing event anywhere with Undies for Change! We’ll mail you undies and supplies, guide you through the process, and connect you with a local Boys and Girls Club to collect your donation.

Visit us on your next trip to Houston, or simply donate dollars to the cause.

This is more than just underwear.

By working to ensure that all children have the access to the daily dignity of clean underwear, you help promote the conditions for success that every kid deserves — from basic hygiene and better school attendance to brighter outlooks about themselves and the world around them. 

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