Undies for Change

A hands-on volunteer activity for you & your organization.

Undies for Change is a team building volunteer event benefiting local kids in need.

If you are a business, a minimum donation of $2,500 will help cover the cost to serve 360 children experiencing underwear insecurity.

 If you are a non-profit or community organization wanting to participate in Undies for Change, we would love to work with you! Contact us for more information.
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What You'll Do

Undies for Everyone will send underwear, supplies and instructions to make perfect packs of 7 pairs that you and your group will deliver to a local children's agency.

Step 1

Receive your underwear shipment from UFE Headquarters.

Step 2

Gather your group and set up your space.

Get ready for 2 hours of fun with your coworkers, friends, or family.

Step 3

Fold & roll pairs of undies into neat little parcels.

Step 4

Put 7 undies in a bag. Add a label & size sticker!

Step 5

Donate the undies to a local Boys and Girl’s Club.

(Or another organization of your choice)

You did it!

This is more than just underwear.

By working to ensure that all children have the access to the daily dignity of clean underwear, you help promote the conditions for success that every kid deserves — from basic hygiene and better school attendance to brighter outlooks about themselves and the world around them. 

Why Undies for Change?

Make your donation


serves 360 kids

5,040 pairs of undies

Suggested for groups of
up to 20 people


serves 720 kids

5,040 pairs of undies

Suggested for groups of
up to 30 people


serves 1,440 kids

10,080 pairs of undies

Suggested for groups of
up to 40 people


serves 2,160 kids

15,120 pairs of undies

Suggested for groups of
up to 50 people

Join the undies party!

We're so proud to partner with organizations like these all around the country.

Centerpoint Energy

The Astros Foundation

St. Martin's Church

33rd St Pod

A great activity for:


Family Reunions
Personal Milestones


Community Affairs
Employee Resource Groups
Team Building Events

Community Orgs

Faith based programs
School Parent Associations
Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts
Sororities & Fraternities

Make a big difference for a child today.

we make it easy for you to make a big difference