We see undies as an opportunity for underserved children.

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Undies for Everyone provides new underwear for over 200,000 U.S. children living in poverty or crisis. With newfound confidence and self-esteem, students are ready to learn and grow.


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 “I’m a proud supporter of Undies for Everyone… They’ve found a smart way to address a basic need that could jeopardize a child’s sense of dignity or self-worth. I’m grateful for their work.”

– Brene Brown, Researcher and Storyteller

What is Underwear Insecurity?

Underwear insecurity is a condition endured by children in crisis who lack access to new underwear.

Kids living in crisis don’t have access to new underwear – they venture out with hand-me-downs or nothing at all.  Our Undies champion Brené Brown said it best: “Underwear is something you take for granted until you don’t have it.”

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