Undies & attendance?
Quite the pair.

Undies for Everyone provides kids in need with new underwear to keep them clean, confident, and in class.


Enhancing Hygiene & Comfort

“Our students feel so much better when they receive a new clean pair of underwear, especially with the cartoon characters they love so much.”

Dana Makin, Nurse


Enhancing Self-Esteem & Dignity

“Every contribution helps me serve these children in moments of need, helping them feel clean and comfortable, ready to learn, and good about themselves.”

Laura Williams, Nurse

In Class

Enhancing Performance In Class

“. . . the underwear in the office is instrumental in getting the students back into the classroom and learning.”

Mary Moon, Nurse
When was the last time you thought about clean underwear?

That time the weird pair in the back of your drawer was the only one left on laundry day? That time as a kindergartener you didn’t quite make it to the bathroom? That time as a teenager you worried that everyone saw?

Hey—accidents are universal.
Clean undies should be, too!

For tens of thousands of distressed kids who don’t have easy access to fresh underwear—who come to school with hand-me-downs or nothing at all, or who find themselves uncomfortably out of luck after an untimely accident—Undies for Everyone exists. Our UFE champion Brené Brown said it best: “Underwear is something you take for granted until you don’t have it.”

keeping students in class
We put new undies into the arms of school nurses and nonprofits, who personally equip young students with the essentials they need to feel 100% fresh and focused in school each day.
We give undies away in two ways

The Week’s Share

Back to School

We provide local partners with boxfuls of 5-pair bags (enough for a Monday through Friday) that they then distribute to kids and teens at family events.

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The spare pair

Back to Class

We provide elementary and middle school nurses with 150 pair each throughout the school year that they can stash for student accidents and emergencies.

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