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kids and poverty

In Austin, *14% of children  live in poverty.

77.9% of students in Austin graduate from high school, 5% below the national average.

4 out of  5  low income families are working and are unable to meet their basic needs.

*Kids Count Data, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Give more underwear
to more kids in your area.

When your company, organization or family donates to sponsor an Undies for Change event in your area, even more local children receive undies.

For more information, go to the Undies for Change page.

Austin Partners


boys and girls clubs

Boys and Girls Clubs of America provides after school programming for children who need structure
and support. UFE partners with this vibrant, well-respected group in distributing a week’s supply of
underwear to their participants.


Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services (CPS) located in Austin is a branch of Texas’ social services department responsible for cases of child abuse and neglect. Children found to live in dangerous situations are removed at a moment’s notice and often leave without any belongings. An assigned social worker takes each child “shopping” in a room stocked with basic needs where they receive UFE underwear.


School Homeless Department

Austin’s public school district supports students enrolled in the federally mandated homeless department. Most of the students are “couch surfing”, many fewer students live in shelters with their families. The department makes sure these children attend their home schools, assuring continuity
in their education. The department also provides basic needs, including UFE underwear.

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