Underwear is distributed to children through large social service and educational agencies. In every city UFE works with the school district homeless departments and a combination of local children’s hospitals pediatric mobile units, Child Protective Services and/or their local nonprofit affiliate and children’s program through the local food bank.

Distribution to our partners is scheduled between March-September 2021.

Expansion plans include giving undies away from coast to coast as funding permits.

Yes, UFE serves only impoverished children ages 3-16 with the goal of helping them achieve long term success.

Get Involved

Hang tight, and thank you for asking! To keep everyone safe and healthy, volunteer packings will resume in Fall 2021.

Houston, home of Undies for Everyone World Headquarters is the only volunteer packing location.

Children 6 and up are welcome to volunteer when accompanied and assisted by an adult.

UFE loves volunteer groups, from businesses to churches to a few families getting together to do good in the world.