undies should only be a barrier when they're between you & your clothes

They should never be a barrier to cleanliness, to confidence, or to achieving big dreams. Their absence should never be a cause for distraction or shame, or an inhibitor to success. For too many in our midst, this is still not the reality.

frequently asked questions

UFE distributes undies in 30 cities in 20 states across the country…and growing! Check out where we give.

Underwear is distributed to children through large social service and educational agencies. Click to learn about UFE’s established partners.

Undies for Everyone works with pre-selected social service agencies.  Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill individual organizational requests.

Expansion plans include giving undies away from coast-to-coast as funding permits.

Yes, Undies for Everyone serves only children in crisis, encouraging regular school attendance and success into young adulthood.