Undies for Everyone is committed to the self-esteem, dignity, and success of disadvantaged students in North America by providing them new underwear.

Undies for Everyone will also provide underwear to people in the United States affected by natural disasters, responding with speed and efficiency as allowed by each situation.

Undies is growing! Currently, Undies for Everyone distributes underwear in the state of Texas. However, our plan is to distribute underwear to 10 cities outside Texas in 10 years. To request undies, fill out a request for either nurses or nonprofits. Once we have expanded to your city, we will give you a call and let you know when you can expect Undies!

Yes. Undies for Everyone serves elementary and middle school students by distributing through our Spare Pair and Week’s Share programs. UFE also partners with large non-profit organizations to support students in need.

Undies for Everyone purchases 85% of the underwear from four major underwear companies.  The remaining 15% is donated through gift-in-kind donations from generous individual donors and corporate partners.

Yes! The more underwear given to UFE by generous donors, the more students can be helped in a given year. You can host a drive, purchase underwear on our Amazon Wishlist or collect undies in lieu of gifts for a special birthday or celebration. Thank you in advance!

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Check this list to see if your school district is currently being served by Undies for Everyone.

Fill out the Undies for Everyone request form and we will be in touch!

Nothing! If you see your school on this list your box is being packed and we will deliver it to the head nurse of your school district during late summer. The head nurse will inform you about where to find your box or when it will be delivered to your school.

There are 150 pairs of underwear in the box for school nurses. There are boxes specifically assembled for elementary schools, middle schools, junior high schools and K-8 schools.  Undies also makes sure to provide single sex boxes to girls’ and boys’ schools.

Undies for Everyone also provides underwear to student support staff and to the Homeless Departments in each district. If you know about a child in need and do not have enough underwear please reach out to those departments in your school.

Unfortunately, the boxes of underwear are standard. Undies has done research to ensure that you will have the best mix of sizes for the grade levels (and size) of your school. We are unable to provide more than 150 pairs per year to any one school. The sizes that Undies for Everyone carries are girls’ sizes 4-16 and boys’ sizes XS-XL.

Please distribute all underwear each year, you will get a new box again next year! You can give them to a school counselor to distribute to kids in need in the school or you can reach out to individual students who you know might need that underwear over the summer.

Please email info@undiesforeveryone.org to provide feedback about the school nurse program.


You must serve disadvantaged students, K-8 and have a proven distribution path that will get the underwear to the students quickly. Please fill out this form and we will contact you about partnership opportunities with Undies for Everyone.

Yes. Currently Undies for Everyone is only serving Texas. However, we will be coming to you soon! Undies plans to be in 10 cities outside of Texas in the next 10 years. Please fill out this form to be added to our list.


Use your imagination! You can host a birthday party or family reunion at Undies for Everyone.  Teens can receive community service hours while volunteering at UFE and corporations regularly host a corporate team building and community involvement events. Undies also makes a great mitzvah project for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah or confirmation ceremonies.

You can find a list of the dates and times of volunteer opportunities here. Undies for Everyone Headquarters is located at 3610 Willowbend Blvd, Houston TX 77054.

As a UFE volunteer you will be packing/unpacking underwear and boxing them for distribution. On any given shift you may be rolling, counting, packaging or boxing underwear. We want you to have a great experience at UFE, please contact us prior to your packing event if you have specific needs. The warehouse is ADA accessible.

Click on the Volunteer button in the top, right corner of the website and sign up to volunteer as an individual or group at Undies. You will receive an email from Undies for Everyone after you sign up with all of the information you will need to volunteer with UFE.

Please go to signup.com to sign up as a UFE volunteer. You will create an account and then register for shifts as posted.

We would love to have your group volunteer with us! Is the group larger than 15? If so, please send us an email to work with the UFE volunteer coordinator to schedule a time and day that works for your group.

Kids 6 and older are welcome to volunteer at UFE. Please be sure there is one adult who will work beside every child if they are under 10 years old.

An open packing is scheduled for two weekend days a month and an open packing lasts two hours. Every Thursday, UFE has an open packing from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Please sign up here. There are limited spaces available and they go fast, please plan ahead! Currently there are no volunteer opportunities on weekday afternoons.

Yes! You can bring a form and a UFE staff member will sign it or ask us for a UFE community service form.

Thanks very much for asking! Please click here to cancel a shift or email the volunteer coordinator at info@undiesforeveryone.org

Yes!  Please contact the Undies for Everyone Volunteer Coordinator at info@undiesforeveryone.org to discuss what accommodations are needed. The offices and warehouse are ADA accessible.

We welcome all volunteers who speak any and all languages. Rolling undies is a universal language.

Disaster Relief

Your donation serves children who have experienced a natural disaster within the US mainland.

Delivery of underwear is dependent on the ability to physically reach the UFE partner who will distribute the underwear. Delivery may take two weeks or more.

Yes, your donation is only used to assist children who have experienced a natural disaster.

You will receive a receipt for your donation.

Once the government declares a location a “disaster area” the Undies for Everyone Board of Directors and Executive Team will decide how to best respond to each disaster.

View our Disaster Relief Video to learn more about Undies for Everyone’s response to Hurricane Harvey.