Why we’ll never get over undies

one pair somewhere
could be just the change
a child needs

Underwear insecurity makes everything about the school day harder. It’s hard to concentrate on learning or make a friend when a child is afraid they will be “discovered” without undies. With the help of volunteers and donors UFE makes a school day easier with 7 pairs of undies.

mission statement

Undies for Everyone provides children living in poverty or crisis
with new underwear, recognizing the importance of this small basic need as part of a child’s increased chances of long-term success.

A brief history

2012 | 9,000 PAIR

Founding Undies for Everyone

One social worker’s observation started the Undies for Everyone revolution—she said that children in need do not have new underwear. Rabbi Amy Weiss highlighted the issue in a Houston Chronicle blog post (2008) and the rest is history.

Undies for Everyone became a registered nonprofit in 2012, when 9,000 pairs were delivered to Houston’s school district headquarters, enthusiastically received by administrators. With each passing year, more area school district nurses’ departments were added, serving students with spare pair access after an accident.

Area districts with greater than 50% “economically disadvantaged” students qualified for help, each receiving annual boxes with 150 pairs of underwear, carefully packaged, and rolled by volunteers.

2012 | 9,000 PAIR
2013–2016 | 416,000 pair

Serving More Kids

Recognizing that many children’s underwear drawers are empty, UFE began serving children in a new way, strategically partnering with 5 large social service agencies, giving kids more undies. The UFE board voted to increase number of pairs per child, adding one pair per year, capping at 5 pairs in a bag (for the moment!).

UFE also welcomed Dallas into the fold, sending undies to every elementary and middle school nurse in the school district. We mastered the art of shipping, making way for even more expansion- and given events coming in 2017, that was a good thing.

We’re still a one-person operation!

2013–2016 | 416,000 pair
2017 | 1,000,000+ pair

Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey forever changed UFE, responding to massive need with undies from very generous donors from all over the world. Over 1.4 million pairs of Disaster Relief underwear to affected men women and children were delivered, processed, and distributed, in four months’ time. Shortly after, UFE stepped up again, serving victims of more disasters, including Hurricanes Irma and Florence and devastating fires in California.

It was time to go big.

2017 | 1,000,000+ pair
2019–2021 | 2,000,000+ pair

National Expansion

 With five staff members working hard every day, UFE is serving children in 15 cities

(9 states), solidifying partnerships with federally mandated school district homeless departments, Child Protective Services and where available, food banks’ children’s programs and children’s hospitals’ pediatric mobile units. Distributing through organizations serving many children is one strategy UFE uses to help more children quickly.

In 2021, over 100,000 students across the United States are each receiving 7 pairs of undies. We couldn’t do it without you!

2019–2021 | 2,000,000+ pair

“as you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands – one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Audrey Hepburn

Our Team

Rabbi Amy Weiss


Julie Hayon


Shawna Hayes


Andrea Pogach










Board of Directors

Board Chair

Barry Mandel

Discovery Green Conservancy, President


Lisset Garza

Shell Energy North America, Retired


Eduardo Rios

The Transforming Autism Project, Finance Manager

Dominique D. Calhoun

Calhoun, Meredith & Sims, PLLC, Partner

Jim Grace

Grace McEwan Consultants, Managing Shareholder

Gwen Johnson

Houston ISD, Director of Health Services, Retired

Stephanie Magers

Chevron, Administrative Manager

Sanghamitra Misra, MD

Texas Children’s Mobile Clinic Program, Medical Director

Mark Parsons

NRG, VP and General Manager

Cyndy Garza Roberts

Comcast Community Affairs, Director

Megan Ryan

Community Volunteer

Kim Stinebaker

Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations, Account Director

Evan Wildstein

Community Volunteer

Advisory Board

Dr. Brené Brown

University of Houston, Professor

Ron Coben

Pioneer Bank, CEO

Jamie Kaplan

Consumer Technology Association, Senior Director

Anne Murphy

GCPP, Director of Development

Mimi Swartz

Texas Monthly, Executive Editor


Founding UFE Board Chair

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