you are just the change a child needs.

This year for Giving Tuesday on November 30, please consider donating to Undies for Everyone. 

A clean pair of underwear can mean the world to a child living in poverty or crisis. This simple gift boosts their confidence and self-esteem and sets them up for success!

$100 = 333 pairs of undies

Tell a Friend!

Interested in spreading the word about Undies for Everyone on Giving Tuesday?
Here are some sample social media posts and a graphic you can use to encourage friends and family to donate:

  • This year for #GivingTuesday, please join me in supporting Undies for Everyone. Your generous gift will provide new underwear for U.S. children living in poverty or crisis. Donate today at undiesforeveryone.org/giving-tuesday-new #undiesforeveryone
  • Make an impact! Your generosity can change a child’s life by giving them a most basic need—clean undies. Please join me in donating to Undies for Everyone this #GivingTuesday. undiesforeveryone.org/giving-tuesday-new #undiesforeveryone
  • Kids living in crisis don’t have access to new underwear. Your generous donation to Undies for Everyone this #GivingTuesday will give them the newfound confidence and self-esteem to learn and grow. undiesforeveryone.org/giving-tuesday-new  #undiesforeveryone

clean undies = confidence dignity comfort hope for kids