Underwear insecurity makes everything harder.

It’s hard to concentrate on learning or make a friend when a child is afraid they will be “discovered” without undies. With the help of donors like you, Undies for Everyone provides children living in poverty or crisis with 7 days worth of new underwear.

This simple gift boosts their confidence and self-esteem and sets them up for success!

About Undies for everyone

Undies for Everyone is a nonprofit organization based in Houston, TX and was founded in 2012. 

Our mission is to provide children living in poverty or crisis with new underwear, recognizing the importance of this small basic need as part of a child’s increased chances of long-term success.


kids served since 2012


Pairs distributed since 2012

"Underwear is something you take for granted until you don’t have it.”

Brené Brown, Researcher & Storyteller

Tell a Friend!

Interested in spreading the word about Undies for Everyone on Giving Tuesday?
Here are some sample social media posts and a graphic you can use to encourage friends and family to donate:

  • This year for #GivingTuesday, please join me in supporting Undies for Everyone. Your generous gift will provide new underwear for U.S. children living in poverty or crisis. Donate today at undiesforeveryone.org/giving-tuesday-new #undiesforeveryone
  • Make an impact! Your generosity can change a child’s life by giving them a most basic need—clean undies. Please join me in donating to Undies for Everyone this #GivingTuesday. undiesforeveryone.org/giving-tuesday-new #undiesforeveryone
  • Kids living in crisis don’t have access to new underwear. Your generous donation to Undies for Everyone this #GivingTuesday will give them the newfound confidence and self-esteem to learn and grow. undiesforeveryone.org/giving-tuesday-new  #undiesforeveryone

clean undies = confidence dignity comfort hope for kids