October 22, 2023

Lodge 88 in the Heights

1435 Beall Street, Houston TX

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Get ready to yell “BINGO!” at a night of fun and food all to support underserved children with new undies.
What’s in store?

bingo cash prizes


Win 2
united airlines
At the raffle

(Need not be present to win)


2 games of heads & tails

(What the heck is Heads and Tails??)

How “Heads and Tails” Works

All Heads and Tails participants to stand up. Then participants select either “heads” or “tails” by putting their hands on their heads—or their tails! The MC flips a coin and announces whether the coin came up heads or tails. Those participants whose choice matches the coin flip get to stay standing—everyone else sits down. The game continues eliminating more players until only one person is left.


heads and tails

We’ll honor Jim Grace and Barry Mandel, two UFE past presidents.
These guys.

get those bingo dabbers ready.

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the prizes

2 united airlines tickets*

*US 48, Alaska, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America

$100 per ticket

(Need not be present to win)

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heads & tails game #1

Espresso, anyone?

Whether you are a new barista

or have been making

your own coffee drinks for years . . .

$25 per Ticket
$100 for 5 tickets

breville barista express

drink up!

Heads & Tails Game #2

a hydroponic happening!

play heads & tails with us

Straight from Lettuce Grows: “self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic system is designed for everyone, beginners and experts alike . . .

“Easy to assemble. No tools required. Grow indoors or outdoors, for a family or yourself, in just 4 sq. ft. Use 98% less water. We deliver live plants to give you a head start. We do the hard work. You experience the joy of growing your own food.”

$25 per ticket
$100 for 5 tickets

Outta my way!

I’m late for bingo!

your support helps us provide undies to kids across the us.

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