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‘They see it as a gift’

Source: ABC 7 Arlington by Caroline Patrickis / 7News

ARLINGTON, Va. (7News) — Children living in poverty often need clothes, school supplies and food. But, one need that often goes overlooked is underwear.

There are more than 5,000 children in the district who are homeless or living in poverty and many – don’t have new underwear to wear.

That’s why a Houston-based non-profit is working to change that. Recently, they’ve expanded to Washington, D.C.

Amy Weiss, founder and CEO of Undies For Everyone (UFE), has donated millions of pairs of underwear to children across the country.

During November, she’s helped volunteers roll thousands of pairs of underwear that will go directly to children in D.C.

“Kids who don’t have underwear really love this underwear and they see it as a gift.”

Amy Weiss

The volunteers roll seven pairs of brand new underwear for seven days of the week.

“There are lots of places where they can get clothes and backpacks and school supplies” Weiss explained. “Undies for everyone is the only organization giving new underwear to kids to keep them in school.”

According to the nonprofit, Undies For Everyone, DC has one of the highest child poverty rates in the country.

“We will cover 5,094 kids in DC and that’s about 35,000 pairs of underwear,” Weiss said. “Kids said if they don’t have the basics like underwear they are too embarrassed to go to school, they fall behind and it’s a domino effect and they drop out of school.”

Amy Weiss, founder and CEO of Undies For Everyone (UFE), has donated millions of pairs of underwear to children across the country. (7News)

Beatrice Williams, Program Director for Partners for Kids in Care (PFK) said “if we can take care of the little things, it gives our young people the opportunity to focus on their long-term goals as they pursue their aspirations, educational goals and life goals.”

Weiss states that the organization provides a way for anyone around the country to get involved, they can roll underwear and help fill this big need.

“It’s also great volunteer work for companies and organizations and families because you can see it’s for kids, it’s easy to roll underwear, pop them in a bag and send them off,” Weiss said.

According to Undies for Change, it’s a great opportunity for corporations, organizations, and schools to make a big difference in a child’s life. Undies for Change is a fee-based volunteer opportunity. UFE sends underwear, supplies and instructions to make perfect packs of seven pairs and you deliver the undies to a pre-identified local children’s agency.

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