We See Undies for Everyone as Opportunity for Everyone

Undies for Everyone provides kids living in poverty or crisis with new underwear, recognizing the importance of this small basic need as part of a child’s increased chances for long-term success.

the basics

Underwear is a basic need
least often provide


Self-esteem goes a long way
in helping a child succeed


Paving small pathways
to graduation

the latest and greatest

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what we do

to equip kids with these everyday essentials, we put new undies into the arms of out team of nonprofits.

critical impact


pair of underwear donated to kids in need since 2012

disaster relief


pair of underwear donated to victims of disasters, such as hurricanes, forest fires, and pandemics.

“underwear is something you take for granted until you don’t have it.”

– Brené Brown, UFE Advisory Board

When was the last time you thought about clean underwear?

That time the weird pair in the back of your drawer was the only one left on laundry day? That time as a kid you didn’t quite make it to the bathroom? That time it wasn’t your week to wear the underwear? Most of us have never had to worry about that last one.

For tens of thousands of distressed or displaced kids who don’t have easy access to fresh underwear—who venture out with hand-me-downs or nothing at all, or who find themselves uncomfortably out of luck after an untimely accident—Undies for Everyone exists. Our Undies champion Brené Brown said it best: “Underwear is something you take for granted until you don’t have it.”

merch for everyone

(even dogs!)

why we'll never get over undies